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Small dog chewing on bone

Dogs love to chew... just make sure it's safe.

Dogs make great pets. They are cuddly, faithful and completely adorable.

When a dog is brought into your home, it becomes more than just a pet - it becomes family.

And just like so much care is taken while choosing food for your family, equal care needs to be taken when selecting food and safe dog chews for your dog.

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Puppy being rewarded with treat

Reward is part of house training.

A new pet is exciting, but the puppy probably will not necessarily share in that enthusiasm. The change is not going to be easy at first, but with consistency, patience, and a little preparation the puppy will feel comfortable in his new home.

A simple suggestion to make the transition easier for the new puppy is to schedule his arrival during a period where you do not have to work or you have an extended amount of time to really focus on the puppy.

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What should you buy for your new puppy?

Before bringing a puppy home you need to do some preparation so that he can quickly settle in and feel like he’s a welcome member of his new pack.​

With that in mind here’s a checklist of some puppy essentials that will help him adapt to his new home…

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litter of puppies

Buying a puppy can be a daunting process for anyone, especially for first time dog owners. Many pet owners can become overwhelmed by all the necessities like finding the right breed to fit their family and preparing their home for the new puppy.

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